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Gothic Mede Academy

School Meals

Summer 1 Term

13th April - 28th May = 28 Days

Please pay for half term/weekly dinners, snacks and lunchtime drinks via ParentMail.

Half term payments will be available from noon on Wednesday to the Sunday at 6.00pm before returning  back to school.  Weekly payments will be available to purchase every Wednesday at noon to Sunday 6.00pm.

We are now a cashless school so we will no longer be accepting cash or cheques.

A reminder that all children who have signed up for the universal free school dinners (Reception/Yr1/Yr2) will NOT have the option to have a packed lunch or grab a bag.  At the end of the term you will have the option to opt out of the scheme or sign up for another term. If your child does want to change, it must remain the same for the rest of the half term.

Years 3 and 4 - School dinners and Grab a bags are £2.10 per day, £10.50 per week or £58.80 half term (please note dinners can be purchased on an “ad hoc” daily basis).  ParentMail payment only please.

Acorn A - Half term dinners - 12 days @ £2.10 = £21.00 - please see dinner choice sheets below.

Acorn B - Half term dinners - 14 days @ £2.10 = £25.20 - please see dinner choice sheets below.

Grab a Bag

  • Option 1 - Brown bread sandwiches - Ham, Cheese, Tuna or Marmite.  Served with a salad pot.
  • Option 2 - Baked Mini Cheddars
  • Option 3 - Monday - Thursday - Fruit yoghurt or Fresh fruit pot or raisin bag.
  • Option 3 - Fridays only - Cake or biscuit

Water is a available at lunchtime free of charge.


Toast, ham sandwich, bag of raisins, fresh fruit pot, apple juice or milk.  Snacks must either be paid for weekly or half term in advance.

  • 1 snack - weekly £1.25  or £7.00 per half term.
  • 2 snacks - weekly £2.50 or £14.00 per half term - must be one food based and one drink.

Daily payments are not accepted. ParentMail payment only please.

Lunchtime Drinks

Water is available to all children free of charge at lunchtime.  However, lunchtime drinks can be purchased from the kitchen and are priced at 50p per day.  These drinks MUST be paid for either weekly for £2.50 or half term for £14.00.   Daily payments will not be accepted.

Choices are:- Wild Waters, Aqua Juice, Radnor Fruits, Milk Shakes in Chocolate, Banana or Strawberry.

**Allergen advice is available from the kitchen**