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Gothic Mede Academy



At Gothic Mede Academy we aim to equip our children for their journey through life by:

  • Providing a foundation for future learning – especially in Maths and English
  • Inspiring curiosity – so our children keep learning throughout their lives
  • Growing pride – so they can celebrate their own successes
  • Create a growth mind-set – so they continue to push themselves to fulfil their potential
  • Developing well-rounded children – helping them on their journey to become happy and healthy members of society
  • Broadening horizons – so they can see the opportunities that are open to them


We place a strong emphasis on Maths and English, teaching them every day. We add other subjects on top of these, with cross-curricular learning to embed knowledge and build confidence. We wrap the children in a nurturing environment, with a strong emphasis on pastoral care for our children and their families provided by our dedicated Family Support Worker. We tie all learning together through offering enriching experiences, such as trips and whole school learning events – Arts Around the World Week, Science Week, Ambitions Day, Anti-Bullying Week, World Book Day and others – to give the children experience of the world beyond the school walls and reinforce how their learning helps them to understand it.

Information about our curriculum offer for pupils with SEND can be found in our SEND information report and the 'Gothic Mede Academy Whole School Curriculum' document below. Information about our commitment to equality can be found in our Equality Information on our policies page.

The subject curriculum we follow is outlined in each of the Intent, Implementation and Impact documents below.


Our children are happy and supported to understand their place in the world and are confident in expressing themselves. They take pride in their achievements and strive for more, with curiosity across a broad range of topics. They leave our school ready and willing to move on to the next stage of their education and prepared to make a success of it. 


Please see our subject overviews below to find out more about the curriculum we are following. 

If you have any further questions about our curriculum, please contact the school office on 01462 732002.