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Gothic Mede Academy

Sycamore - Year 3

Welcome to the home page of Sycamore Class! 

Hello! I am Mr Warlow and I am the class teacher for Sycamore Class. 

We have lots of adult support in Sycamore Class, including from Mrs Curtis, Mrs Deakin, Miss Lee, Miss Naughton and Miss Williams. 

Autumn Term 2023 

In Science, we are learning about the skeletal system, the role of muscles and nutrition. This is the theme of this term’s Star Challenge. 

Our book-based Write Stuff English unit is based on the Neil Gaiman book, The Wolves in the Wall. 

In Geography, we are leaning about weather and climate. 


Spring Term 2023

In Science, we will be learning about Rocks and Fossils which links perfectly with our Geography units in which we will be investigating Volcanoes and Earthquakes. Why not watch this video about Rocks and Fossils to find out about how rocks are formed?

Our book-based English unit has used Stone Age Boy, which has helped bring our history learning from before Christmas to life. We are writing our own stories based on the Victorian era.

We hope you enjoyed our year group assembly that gave us an opportunity to revisit our learning about pre-history.

In Design and Technology we will be making moving models.

In French, we will be learning how to talk about animals and understanding about gender and plurals in nouns. In the second half of the term we will be having a carnival theme - creating masks and playing games as we develop our language skills. Click here to see our spring one and two learning objectives. If you want to listen to and practise some of the words and phrases at home, click here for this half-term's topic - animals, or open the attachment "French Knowledge Organiser - Animals" below.

We have really enjoyed our swimming lessons, at Saxon Pool, this half term.

Autumn term 2022

So what have we done so far this academic year?  Well, we had a really exciting start in history as we rolled back in time to learn about Prehistoric Britain. Our topic started with an archaeological dig to discover Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age artefacts.

In Science, we started the term looking at Light and Dark, investigating the absence of light and discovering how light is absorbed and reflected prompted exciting investigations and thought-provoking questions.

In English, the children really enjoyed listening to a wide range of poetry and performing poems both indoors and outdoors. They were inspired by poetry from a range of poets including Benjamin Zephaniah, Michael Rosen, George Szirtes and John Foster. Why not click on the poems below to enjoy the poems together at home?

Jellyfish - Michael Rosen

The Schoolkids' Rap - John Foster

Clever Trevor - Benjamin Zephaniah

The Sea's Hands - George Szirtes

We hope you all enjoyed our Christmas performance. The children showed off their amazing linguistic skills by learning the words to Feliz Navidad in Spanish and Stille Nacht in German, as well as performing a role play in French.