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Gothic Mede Academy

School Uniform

Our uniform policy is written in line with guidance from the Department for Education document ‘School uniform: Guidance for governing bodies, school leaders, school staff and local authorities’. The DfE strongly encourages schools to have a uniform as it can play a valuable role in ‘contributing to the ethos of a school and setting an appropriate tone’.

Part of Gothic Mede Academy’s ethos is ‘Pride in Ourselves, Pride in Our School, Pride in Our Community’ and our uniform policy seeks to foster this. We expect our children to be ready for school and smart in their appearance.

Gothic Mede Academy School Uniform


Many items of school uniform can be obtained at most children’s clothing stores.  However, a selection of items are available from our web shop supplier at

Please note Items marked with an * on the list below are essential items and are only available from our web shop.


  • Trousers or Dress or Skirt or Culottes – all should be grey
  • White School Logo Polo Shirt or White Polo Shirt or White Blouse
  • *Navy School Logo Sweatshirt or *Navy School Logo Cardigan
  • *Book Bag
  • Plain Black Flat Shoes (No Training Shoes)


As above Or

  • Blue & White Checked Summer Dress or Smart grey shorts
  • Flat Black Enclosed Sandals

PE Kit


  • *PE T-shirt (House Colour)
  • Blue Shorts
  • Plimsolls
  • *Kit Bag

As indoor and

  • Tracksuit
  • Trainers

All items of clothing MUST be named.  If an item is lost please inform the teacher as soon as possible.


It is school policy that hair that is long enough is tied back at all times. This is to ensure safety during lessons especially PE, science, D&T and art. It also helps to reduce the transfer of head lice. Loose hair can easily become entangled and caught in equipment. Extreme fashion hair-cuts and colorants are not allowed. Hair accessories should only be as large as necessary and preferably in sympathy with our school’s colours (navy and gold) or neutral.


For safety reasons we ask that children do not wear jewellery in school. A child may wear a watch once they are learning to tell the time, but the school cannot accept responsibility for it. If your child has pierced ears, then please make sure they only wear one pair of plain studs to school.

PE and Jewellery

The Health and Safety in PE guidance makes it clear that no jewellery should be worn during PE lessons, particularly those when children are working as a team in closer proximity. This is therefore our advice to parents and our standard response. Children who cannot remove their earrings may not be able to participate in the physical aspects of the lesson. Parents will then be informed so that alternative arrangements can be made for the following lesson. Please note that teachers are prohibited from removing or replacing earrings and the school cannot accept responsibility for accidents caused by the wearing of jewellery. We understand, however, that on occasions this can present difficulties, e.g. recent piercings. In these circumstances the earrings, plain small studs only, should be covered by a plaster provided by parents/carers. Alternatively, earrings could be removed by parents during the evening before a PE lesson.

Make up

It is not appropriate for children to wear makeup of any kind to school. This includes nail varnish and temporary tattoos.


School shoes should be smart and plain black. We understand that there are exceptional circumstances when children will not wear their shoes to school (when they’ve been broken or have been left at another house). On these occasions we will temporarily provide your child with black plimsolls to wear inside at school until their shoes can be retrieved or replaced.