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Gothic Mede Academy

Reception - Ash & Oak

Welcome to the home page of Ash and Oak classes.

There are 2 Reception classes in our school. Oak is taught by Mrs Shorrock and Mrs Lewis. Ash is taught by Mrs Roberts. We also have Mrs Maycock, Mrs Russell and Miss Day who assist the children in many ways.

We hope that all of our families have been able to enjoy a break over half term. 

Our topic this term is Down in the Jungle.  We will be listening to poems from the book 'Rumble in the Jungle' by Giles Andreae. We will think about how the rhyme and alliteration in the poem and how the poet chooses words to make us feel like we're in the jungle. We will learn and perform some of the poems.  We will also read non-fiction texts to help us learn some facts about animals and will write an information text about an animal. We will paint our own animals and use them to make a jungle display, make animals masks and learn some animal songs including The Jungle Boogie (which I promise you will be singing for weeks!).

Speaking, listening and general communication skills will continue to be an important focus.  The children will have the opportunity to make up, act out and retell stories in small groups.  They will continue to be given many speaking and listening opportunities in front of the class and with groups of their friends during play, circle times and show and tell sessions. 

The children will continue to have a daily phonics sessions following the 'Letters and Sounds' phonics scheme. They will work on their listening skills to develop their ability to hear sounds and learn the Phase 3 letter sounds.  They will also continue to take part in lots of fun activities to develop their fine motor skills which will help them to developing their confidence with pencil control.  We will continue working on cursive letter formation in our handwriting sessions. 

In our daily maths sessions, we will play lots of number games and take part in activities that will develop our counting and number ordering skills. We will also be working on estimating, adding and subtracting, time and sequencing events, measuring and comparing length, weight and capacity and learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.