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Gothic Mede Academy

Reading & Library


In order to support your child’s reading we send home reading books closely matched to their phonic knowledge and reading ability. We recommend that each book is read aloud by the child to an adult at home at least four times over the week. The texts that we send home should be entirely decodable by children. The first few times your child may read the book slowly, decoding the words sound by sound. Through repeated practice their speed of recalling the sounds and the speed of decoding the sounds will increase. By the time the book is returned children should be able to complete a fairly fluent reading of the text. In addition to your child being able to read the book fluently, this will also give them the opportunity to develop their comprehension skills and to ensure they can answer a range of questions about the text. Sometimes texts may seem simple but they are designed for children to build a secure recognition and understanding of sounds and words. To ensure that children have sufficient time to re-read their book at home several times, we are moving to a school model of changing books once a week. Year 2 will have their books changed on a Thursday. 

Your child will be heard reading in school in a variety of different ways: 1:1, in Guided Reading sessions and during other classroom opportunities. Please ensure that all children have their reading book and reading record in school every day. You may find that your child likes to read similar books, or even the same book many times at home. Please record this in their Reading Record as well as telling me about their school reading book, as the children often discuss and recommend different books in class. 


Maple class will visit the Library fortnightly on Tuesday afternoons. The children may select one book to share with you at home. They should bring their book back after a fortnight in order for it to be changed.