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Gothic Mede Academy


Year 4 (Place Value)

Today in PE we incorporated our learning of place value into our PE warm up. A variety of different numbers were placed around the room and throughout the warm up the whistle would be blown and they would be asked to run to a number that answered the question. For example, run to a number with a 3 in the tens column.

Year 2 (Times tables)

In PE we were learning our times tables by coordinating different actions. Whilst we stepped in and out of the ladders we had to count in our 2, 5, 3 or 10 times table. The stepping in action will help us remember them. With a partner we took turns to count in our times table by moving the ball to the next cone each time. When Mrs Kumar said a number we had to decide which times table the number was in by stepping into the labelled hoop for a particular timetable. We learnt that some numbers can be in different times tables.

Year 2 (Measure)

In PE the children were asked to set up their own equipment with hoops placed 2 metres apart. The children positioned the hoops at a distance they estimated to be 2 metres and then used metre sticks to measure.

Year 2 (Time)

In PE the children often use stop watches for their warm up. They time each other doing an energetic activity such as sprinting, star jumps, hopping, for 30 seconds and then they swap over.