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Gothic Mede Academy


Spelling homework is given out every Friday. Children will bring home a sheet with their spellings on (see Example spelling homework attachment below). This homework should be handed in to the class teacher each week. Please also see below for ideas about how to practise spellings in creative ways.

Attached below are also the common exception words that children need to be able to read and spell by the end of the year. We will be practising them during morning tasks and in spelling sessions but it would be very beneficial if you could practise these with your child at home as well.

A reading comprehension will be sent home as homework each half term. This is to help your child build on work they have done in class and will include questions on inference, prediction, summarising skills etc

Maths homework is given out on alternate Fridays. This is to be completed and handed in on the Wednesday of the second week. Your child has a coloured folder for homework.

All homework is posted online in your child's Google classroom as well as paper copies.