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Gothic Mede Academy


Year 2 (Statistics)

Year 2 have been learning about the Victorians. They drew bar charts to compare what a rich and a poor Victorian child would do in a day.

Year 1 (Time)

In preparation for Year 1's trip to Celtic Harmony, the children looked at the itinerary for the day.

Year 2 (Shape)

As part of our unit on the Great Fire of London, we looked at 17th century houses. We discussed what shapes we could see and their properties. We then looked at nets of 17th century houses, discussed the 2d shapes on the net and what 3D shape it would create. We then created our own 17th century houses.

Year 4 (Place value)

In Year 4, as part of our study of the Vikings, we have completed timelines for major periods of British history, as well as ordering events during the Viking period itself. This has involved applying knowledge of the place value of digits in larger numbers and comparing and ordering 3 and 4-digit numbers.