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Elm - Mrs Oestreicher and Mrs Sheehan 

Welcome to the home page of Elm class! 

The children have had a great start to the Spring term and have quickly got used to having a new teacher around! They have also been very excited to hear about Miss Howley's amazing adventures in Australia.

Our 3 Little Pigs topic started in a most exciting manner as the children discovered a crime scene just outside their classroom! Thanks to Year One detective work, they soon realised that the Big Bad Wolf had been up to his tricks again. Luckily, the children designed such brilliant Wanted posters that I am sure that the wolf will soon be brought to justice. In Science they showed their learning about Materials by  building and testing new houses for the 3 little pigs. Many of the houses were so stable that even the super-boost button on the hairdryer could not blow them down!


Science week followed soon after and the children showed that they could not only construct houses but also bridges! They had great fun making sure that they were stable enough for a whole host of animals and dinosaurs to cross.


Everybody enjoyed the visit by Gary from Zoolab and we learnt all about classifying animals through meeting and handling snails, cockroaches and even a snake. Elm showed their Growth Mindset mentality as everyone challenged themselves to touch the creatures.


Throughout the term we have been thinking about our ambitions and how we can make our dreams come true. We hope you enjoyed our assembly and were proud to discover that children in Elm aspire to a wide variety of jobs including reptile keeper, swimming teacher, policeofficer and dentist. 

Our term has had an international feel about it too. The children had a great time finding out about the story of the Chinese New Year, resulting in some fantastic independent writing. We all particularly enjoyed Don's Chinese New Year dance workshop in which the children learnt a dragon and ribbon dance.






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