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Gothic Mede Academy joined the Eco-Schools programme in 2013.  A representative from each class in Years 1 to 4 are selected by their peers to represent their class on the Eco-Committee.  The Committee work together to assess and develop sustainability throughout the school, to implement improvements to practices and to educate their classmates about the issues and projects they are working on within the school.  The Eco-committee Co-ordinator, Mrs Roberts, works alongside the children to help them work with new eco initiatives with school.

Eco initiative- We have been collecting unwanted jeans which will be made into items to be sold. The money will then provide sewing machines, solar lights and water facilities for people in Africa. This is linked with a local charity called Sewing for Utange. The eco councillors will also be running a stall to sell the items made from the jeans.

Eco initiative- We have been collecting unwanted vision glasses which will be recycled for Vision aid overseas.

Jeans and glasses may be placed in the recycling container by the entrance to our playground.

The eco councillors also made a Christmas tree out of recycled egg boxes. This was entered into St Peter’s Christmas tree festival. I am pleased to say that our tree was voted the favourite tree of the festivals by visitors to the festival!

All classes are continuing to recycle whiteboard pens. This is linked with Terracycle recycling.

This year our Eco-Committee are:   


Nicole Hall
Beech Charlie Kolodziejczyk
Maple William Eatock-Musk
Willow Tabitha Miller-George
Chestnut Elliot Livermore
Sycamore Natascha Norman
Hazel Yvie Wells
Birch Sam Graham

In February 2014 the Eco-Committee planned a series of events to take place during our ‘Eco-Week’.  We had visitors from Central Bedfordshire Council to talk to us about energy and recycling.  The children enjoyed workshops on junk-modelling and paper-making as well as various in-class activities linked to Eco-Schools. 

We also took part in ‘Switch-Off Fortnight’ to try and encourage staff and children to turn lights off in classrooms when they are not being used. 

At Christmas-time in 2013 the Eco-Committee worked together with the School Council to produce an Eco-friendly entry for the St Peters Church Christmas Tree Festival.  We were very excited to find out our entry was voted the winner!