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Pupil Premium

The pupil premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers. As a publicly funded academy, we receive the pupil premium for children who are vulnerable to possible underachievement.

These include pupils who are entitled to free school meals; those looked after by the local authority and children of armed service personnel.

At Gothic Mede we are committed to promoting the attainment, progress and life chances of all our pupils, whatever their backgrounds.

Each year, we look at the amount of money we will receive for disadvantaged pupils and, using information from previous year, decide on the most effective ways to spend the funding.

Academic Year 2016/2017

Our pupil premium strategy for 2016/2017 is accessible by following the link below. Please do not hesitate to come to speak to us if you would like further details  about how we plan to use the premium this year.

Some more significant changes to our spending intend to address the high levels of SEND, pupils with family support needs and low attendees who receive the premium. We will be using the funding to make new staff appointments and pay for training in these areas.

If you feel your child might be eligible to receive the pupil premium grant, please contact us. We would be very happy to offer guidance on how to apply.

Pupil Premium Strategy 2016-17

Academic Year 2015/2016

We have evaluated the impact of pupil premium funding for this academic year. A detailed schedule of the costs of strategies employed, and analysis of their impact, can be found in the following document::

Use of Pupil Premium Funding 2015-16

 Academic Year 2014/2015

This year we have developed a number of new strategies for spending the Pupil Premium. We have based these on succesful strategies used last year and research, both academic and from sharing good practice on courses/conferences.

We are currently in the process of evaluating this year's use of the premium but a summary of our evaluations so far can be found in the following document.

Use of the Pupil Premium 2014/2015

Academic Year 2013/2014


Pupils on Roll

Pupils eligible for Pupil Premium Funding

Pupil Premium Funding Received





Proposed spending of Pupil Premium Funding 2013/2014


This academic year we will use the funding to deliver various support for the children identified as vulnerable to underachievement.

These will consist of:

  • Identified, targeted support within morning lessons
  • Key Stage 1 Talk Boost programme
  • Key Stage 1 Talk Boost delivery
  • Year 4 Wave 3 Maths
  • Year 3 Gifted and Talented Literacy Programme
  • Year 3 Gifted and Talented Maths Programme
  • Effective Feedback intervention
  • Educational visits and journeys
  • Year 3 SEAL programme
  • Resources for children to access school life, such as clothing
  • Reading recovery programme
  • Year 3 Springboard Maths
  • Year 2 Maths Catch-Up
  • Year 2 Small group phonics